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Setanta Building Products supply a complete range of roofing products and roofing materials including slates, tiles, breathable membrane, dry ridge and dry verge systems, heat ventilation rolls, eave protection boards and roof vents.
Slates & Tiles
We are agents to a number of slate suppliers. We can supply Penrhyn Blue Bangor, Spanish premier and Brazilian plus a full range of concrete roof tiles.
Los Campos
Spanish Vigo Premier
Tyvek Breathable Membrane
Tyvek Supro is an extremely water resistant airtight and vapour permeable membrane providing superior air and moisture management for commercial and residential buildings. Tyvek Supro is a multi-purpose, durable and reinforced Tyvek grade for use in all supported and unsupported pitched roof applications, including warm, hybrid and cold roofs.
Also suitable for low-pitched metal roofs aswell as wall and floor applications. Warranty is for 30 years and UV exposure is for 4 months.
Fakro Breathable Membrane
(Irish Agrément Board Cert no. 06/0259)
FAKRO Eurotop N35 roof tile underlay is a watertight, vapour permeable, flexible membrane intended for use as an underlay on unsupported or supported pitched roofs, constructed in accordance with. ICP 2:2002 Irish Code of practise for slating and tiling.
FAKRO Eurotop N35 is manufactured by laminating a water vapour permeable film between two layers on non-woven polypropylene to form a breathable roof tile underlay.
Roof Vents
Designed to blend into the roof covering to provide ventilation where normal crossflow ventilation is not practical; where walls obstruct possible airflow, in complicated roof shapes, and in refurbishment projects.
May be used with adaptors for mechanical extract and soil vent pipes.
Ventialtors are fitted with flyscreens and specially designed anti-splash devices to avoid any wind driven rain or snow penetrating the ventilators.
Profiles and colours to match most manufacturers.
Fast Fix Ridge System
The traditional method of bedding ridge tiles in composition mortar is still the most popular fixing system but storms and unusually high winds over recent years has emphasised the failings of these unreliable and old fashioned systems.
Kit Components :
Ridge Vent Roll
Ridge Batten Bracket
Ridge Cover Clamp
Ridge Weather Roll
Advantages :
• Better appearance • Provides recommended ventilation
• Better resistance to wind • All components supplied in kit
• Will fit most concrete and clay ridge tiles • Quicker to fit than traditional method
• May be fitted in bad weather conditions • No special skills or tools required.
• Suitable for both ridge and hip applications  
Fast Fix Verge System
The use of traditionally pointed verges is becoming less popular due to the demand from homeowners for a maintenance free property.
The use of composition mortar for pointing the verge has many inherent problems, not least the requirement for continuous pointing over the years due to the action of frost, rain and differential movement.
Kit Components :
Left / Right Hand Verge
Half Round / Square Ridge / Mono Pitch End Caps
Eaves starter unit
Batten End cover
Ridge closure comb
Advantages :
• Better appearence • Can be fitted in bad weather conditions
• Easy clip together feature • Quicker to fit than traditional systems
• Secure fixing offers / resistance to wind uplift • Unique vernier hole alingment
• Compatible with most concrete tiles • Largest range between batten guages
• Weather proof and maintenance free • No special skills or tools required
• Compatible with wet or dry fixed ridges  
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