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Insulation Services
The Setanta Range of towers are lightweight, quick to erect and dismantle and easy to transport. Manufactured to the highest industry standards from high grade aluminum tubing, they are capable of withstanding the normal wear and tear of everyday use in a building site environment.
They are available in 3 lengths 2m, 2.5m and 3m, and two widths 70 cms (2’ 4”) and 135 cms (4’ 5”). Both Single and double width frames are available with two, three, four and five rung, thus providing maximum platform options. All frames can be used as upper and lower frames to increase utilisation.
All towers contain built-in ladders and trapdoors and come with out-riggers where the height requires it. Setanta Towers are built to the highest standards and are approved to GS Din 4422-1 1992-08 (HD1004 ) standards.
Smart Guard
The smart guard system is designed to provide edge protection around the working platform of steel trestles in accordance ’ The Work at Height Regulations 2006’
The installation processes is made simple by the modular components: however care should be taken to follow the safety guidelines . It has been fully tested in accordance with BS EN13374 (Class A) A temporary Edge Protection System.
Components include:
• SmartGuard® Post
• SmartGuard® Stabiliser
• SmartGuard® Panel
• SmartGuard® Bridging Deck
• SmartGuard® End Panel
• SmartGuard ® Access Gate
• SmartGuard® Half Panel • SmartGuard® Handrail
• SmartGuard® Ladder Access Panel  
Revolutionary New Products
Painters / Carpenters / Roofers etc ...
Designed specifically to suit many smaller jobs such as working in stairwells, confined spaces, low level access and around chimney stacks, these products are also ideal for the DIY enthuasist or home-owner e.g. cleaning leaves from gutters, wallpapering, painting etc.
Kwickstage Scaffolding
We supply and deliver Kwickstage Scaffolding to anywhere in Ireland.
Did you know ?
If you are building your own house it is cheaper to buy enough scaffolding, use it over the construction period and resell it when you are finished.
We would also be interested in buying it back from you when you are finished. At Setanta ... we are here to help !!!
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