Insulating Blinds
Insulation Services
Setanta Building Products can supply a wide range of building materials from a number of different manufacturers. We offer a free consultation on types of bricks, mortar colours, joints, etc. From time to time, Setanta Building Products will have available end of run batches at discount prices. Call (087) 9830936 for more information.
  Product Name
Insulated Plasterboard (all sizes)
Timber (high-quality imported timber only)
Blue Bangor Slates (price per tile)
Concrete Roof Tiles & ridges
Optilight Windows (incl. flashing)

From €210 - €300 (inc. VAT & Flashing)

Bricks - Chatsworth
The Chatsworth brick is an attractive multi-coloured antique-style brick that compliments most finishes including granite, render etc. Pictured above is a recent contract supplied by Setanta Building Products. Samples can be delivered to your site upon request.
Kingscourt Red Rustic
Ravenhill Multi
The picture to the left shows Kingscourt
Rustic Red bricks in conjunction with
Fleming Red Smooth bricks incorporating
special bricks to leave a high quality finish.
Radon Barriers
Setanta Building Products supply three different radon barriers into the market:
Radblock Radon barrier - Non-reinforced radon barrier
Rhinoplast Super Radon Barrier - Non reinforced radon barrier
DuraSkrim - Reinforced high quality radon barrier
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