Insulating Blinds
Insulation Services
Setanta Building Products offer a comprehensive service for your attic conversion. We supply all the materials, building instructions, and in some cases, labour where needed. The first thing you need when converting your attic is a staircase complete with hand rails if you want to do it properly. Call us today on (087) 983 0936 for a free survey and quotation. However, if you're not ready to put in a full staircase, see our loft ladders below.
ALUthermo Thermal Reflective Insulation
Aluthermo Quattro® is the first thin, multi-reflector, multi-layer insulation system with all surfaces fully thermally welded together
Aluthermo Quattro® consists of two 30-micron thick outer layers of polished and anti oxidation treated pure aluminium separated by two honeycombed layers of air bubbles enclosed inside a fire-retardant polyethylene film, together with two extra layers of pure aluminium foil and a fire-retardant and water-repellent polyethylene foam.

Aluthermo Quattro® provides an almost
impenetrable barrier against infrared
radiation in both summer and winter.

The air inside the bubble films and in the polyethylene foam is dry and stable. Any condensation is therefore prevented within the normal temperature ranges for Aluthermo Quattro®
Loft Ladders
Setanta Building Products supply a comprehensive range of loft ladders which can be installed if there is insufficient room for a proper attic stairs.
LWS Smart Loft Ladder
LWK Comfort Loft Ladder
Miller Staircase Type MSU
The LWS Smart Loft Ladder is a folding pine wood loft ladder, supplied with an insulated hatch door. The door is beige on the inside and outside.
The LWK Comfort Loft Ladder is a folding ladder made of highest quality pine wood, supplied with an insulated hatch door, red-painted metal handrail.
The 'Miller' staircase is a solid pine fixed (non-folding) staircase. Its main features are its ease of use and durability.
Flexible Light Tunnels
Solatube Daylighting Systems
As the world-renowned innovator of daylighting systems, Solatube provides a compelling alternative to artificial lighting, bringing the benefits of brilliant, natural light to both new and existing buildings while at the same time reducing energy costs and consumption.
Solatube daylighting systems actively capture daylight from the rooftop and pipe it through highly reflective tubing to where it's needed - brilliantly! Solatube uses the most advanced technologies to ensure that the quality, efficiency and performance of our systems is unrivalled.
Light Tunnels SLT
The SLT light tunnel is a completely new product whose main role is to supply the interior with the proper amount of natural light. The application of such skylights makes it possible to illuminate all rooms in the building, even those which cannot be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows.
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